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Grow Your Jewellery Brand & Run Your E-Commerce Website

In the jewel industry, we are bound to get the pricing of certain products wrong especially if we tag them intuitively. Our decision might just be influenced by some irrelevancies and we end up giving value for less or vice-versa. However, developing an e-commerce website for a jewelry store has to be done with care and requires expertise.An online store needs to be attractive, detailed, and secure.

we know what it takes to have a well-built jewels e-commerce site.

We have all you need to run a Jewellery Site

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Best E-commerce Solution For Your Jewellery Business

Doyenhub e-commerce solutions for Jewellery makes it easy to create a beautiful, engaging shopping experience. Online jewelry e-commerce solutions we've built in all the latest features and best practices for better search rankings, faster page loads and higher conversion.

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Amazing Ecommerce Store Design


Various Available Templates To Choose From

We will create a store that best represents your brand with one of our superb, available jewelry themes.

  • Rich Designs which suits your brand
  • Mobile and iPad Resposive design
  • Interactive user interface
  • High-quality Images
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Admin panel and inventory


Manage Your jewelry store is now easy

Save time and easily manage your products across different sales channels from one platform.

  • Scheduling ability to easily create, preview, and schedule a wide range of content updates.
  • Easily manage the Jewelry size, metal, and all the catalogs
  • Enhanced tools for customer account management.
  • The ability to make private sales.
  • Capable of taking 117% more orders per hour compared to other eCommerce platforms.
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Dynamic Price Calculator


Perfect Solutions That You Are Looking For

Dynamic pricing calculator automates pricing of products based on metal content, metal color, metal-karat, size, diamond quality, and other metrics.

  • Live preview of the Jewellery based on the selection
  • Calculate automatic pricing
  • Automatic Making charges calculation
  • Price breakup chart for your customer